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Simplifying your Technical Documentation
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The Process


...that is the mantra I go by.

I am curious - I research the audience and the purpose and gather information about the product, policy or process through interviews with the audience, if possible, and the Subject Matter Experts (SME), and the documents available. Investing in this initial detail is well-worth the effort; it goes a long way in presenting a lucid and coherent communication.

I am thorough - I analyze the tasks done by the product, policy or process, the information about the system, and the audience. I draw a relationship between these three factors. Identifying tasks, functions and workflows drive this phase.

I am prolific
- I develop structure and content, aesthetics, and graphics for the communication. I create hierarchies, navigation schemes, format and style.

I am diligent
- I leave no question unanswered. Production details - content accuracy and completeness, and document standards for different media (print, digital, face-to-face communication, World Wide Web, learning media) - are scrutinized closely. I enjoy the mundane tasks of revisions, corrections and presentations and that is why I am good at them.